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VERV MEDIA is a visual and interactive communication agency
focused on creative and results-driven solutions for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1,000.

VERV MEDIA is able to offer a wide range of internet marketing services through effective online marketing strategies to ensure that a steady stream of quality leads keep coming in through your website. A decade of elegant design, carefully-architected UI, and award-winning killer content makes CT-based VERV a proven choice for web design and development. Don’t gamble on a digital agency that doesn’t understand your vision—web trends come and go, but our agency is built on a foundation of analytics-driven digital strategy and narrative-directed user experience. Please browse our case studies to learn more.

Some Fun Facts about our agency !

  • 100 projects
  • 60 clients
  • 20 awards

main capabilities

Web Design

our team

Derek Subernat

Overseeing infrastructure and working close with clients to achieve business development

Debra Morey
Graphic Designer

The job is quality control, leadership of other designers, and client communication. A synonym could be Design Director.

Konrad Mroczek
Interactive Designer

Primarily design, just like a UI Designer, but with specific focus on how things are used and movement.

Luke Cyar
Front End Developer

Tends to think of that as a requiring a deeper and more specific skillset, possibly with more narrow focus or at a higher level.

Donna Collins
Content Strategist

Rather than working directly on implementation, this job is about the structural design of websites.

Tom Rosenberg
SEO Specialist

This is a big enough sub industry that it can be its own job. Submitting site to search engines.

Jade Aven
Customer Relations Specialist

This job is about communicating directly with users of the site to provide help and develop CR skills.

Corey Hernas
Dev Ops

Handles things like server software, version control, deployment, build processes, and testing servers/processes.

Matt Gilbert
IT Technician

Makes our life easier by resolving complex IT issues and keeping our infrastructure in place.


Media Serv Pro services extend the World Wide Web infrastructure to provide the means for software to connect to other software applications. Applications access Web services via ubiquitous Web protocols and data formats such as HTTP, XML, and SOAP, with no need to worry about how each Web service is implemented. Web services combine the best aspects of component-based development and the Web, and are a cornerstone of the Microsoft .NET programming model.

Web Design & SEO

Develop your web image.


Dependable 99% uptime service.

Print Design

We design print collateral for every occasion.


Innovative motion design.


Create your brand.

Graphic Design

Modern & Unique design.

Mass Marketing

Email marketing.

Web Development

Application web dev.

Social Media

Media marketing.

It doesn’t matter how many times I have to click, as long as each click is a mindless, unambiguous choice.

John Clarkson – Interactive designer

In reality, though, most of the time we don’t choose the best option—we choose the first reasonable option, a strategy known as satisficing.

Jenny Doe – Motion designer

Most sites need to prevent breadth — many many pages that are organized cohesively. A site that presents a single webpage is unlikely to present sufficient depth of content to justify extensive SEO

Albert Anderson – Web developer


  • VAS – Web Design

  • ATC – Web Design

  • AMC – Web Design

  • SPL – Web Design

  • Project title – Motion Graphic

  • Project title – Graphic Design

  • Project title – Web Design

  • Project title – Motion Graphic

  • Project title – Motion Graphic

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